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Department of Agricultural Economics: Department Head Search
Thank you for participating in the department head search. Please take a moment to view the candidate material and provide us with your feedback.

*** Link to the final survey questions where you will be asked to rank the four candidates for Department Head in Agricultural Economics.
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June 4 and 5, 2014

Candidate: Dr. Titus Awokuse

Dr. Awokuse Itinerary - Awokuse_Schedule.pdf

Dr. Awokuse Letter of Application - Awokuse_AppLetter.pdf

Dr. Awokuse CV - Awokuse_VITA.pdf

Dr. Awokuse Philosophy - Awokuse_Philosophy.pdf

Survey link for Dr. Awokuse

Seminar: Wed., June 4 - Watch Recorded Seminar


June 12 and 13, 2014

Candidate: Dr. Allen Featherstone

Dr. Featherstone Itinerary - Featherstone_Schedule.pdf

Dr. Featherstone Letter of Application - Featherstone_AppLetter.pdf

Dr. Featherstone CV - Featherstone_Vita.pdf

Dr. Featherstone Philosophy - Featherstone Philosophy.pdf

Survey link  for Dr. Featherstone

Seminar: Thursday, June 12 - Watch Recorded Seminar 

June 16 and 17, 2014

Candidate: Dr. James Pritchett

Dr. Pritchett Itinerary - Pritchett_Schedule.pdf

Dr. Pritchett Letter of Application - Pritchett_AppLetter.pdf

Dr. Pritchett CV - Pritchett_Vita.pdf

Dr. Prichett Philosophy - Pritchett_Philosophy.pdf

Survey link for Dr. Pritchett

Seminar: Monday, June 16 - Watch Recorded Seminar

June 18 and 19, 2014

Candidate: Dr. Damona Doye

Dr. Doye Itinerary - Doye _Schedule.pdf

Dr. Doye Letter of Application - Doye _AppLetter.pdf

Dr. Doye CV - Doye_Vita.pdf

Dr. Doyle Philosophy - Doye _Philosophy.pdf

Survey link  for Dr. Doye

Seminar: Wed. June 18 - Watch Recorded Seminar