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KSRE Seminars
Dept. of Agronomy 2011 Seminar Series

Fall 2011:

September 14 - Bill Heer, South Central Experiment Field and KSU Foundation Redd-Bargdill Properties Hutchinson/Partridge, Kansas Go to recorded video.

September 21 - Wayne Honeycutt, Office of the Deputy Chief, USDA, NRCS, Deputy Chief for Science & Technology, Washington, DC; Eric Banks, NRCS, Salina, Kansas 
Go to recorded video.

October 5 - Anthony Dexter and Ewa Czyz, Professors of Soil Physics, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG), Pulawy, Poland
Go to recorded video.

October 26 - Thomas E. Clemente, Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor of Biotechnology, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Go to recorded video.

November 2 - Humberto Blanco, Assistant Professor of Soil Science, KSU Agricultural Research Center, Hays, Kansas
Go to recorded video.

November 9 - Susan Metzger, Manager, Watershed Coordination Unit, Kansas Water Office, Topeka, Kansas
Go to recorded video.

November 30, CANCELLED - Maria Gallo, President - Crop Science Society of America, Agronomy Department Chair and Professor, University of Florida



Spring 2011:

Photos>Agronomy HatfieldDr. Jerry L. Hatfield
Director, USDA-ARS National Laboratory of Agriculture and the Environment, Ames, IA
Ag Alumni Fellow Seminar, "Challenges to Agronomists and Agricultural Scientists to Answer Tomorrows Questions"  Wed. February 23, 2011.   
Watch Recorded Seminar Video.



Photos>Agronomy DiersDr. Brian Diers
Professor, Soybean Breeding and Genetics, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL
Elmer Heyne Lecture, "Soybean Improvement Through Application of Genetic Resources and Technology"
Wed. March 9, 4pm.    Watch Recorded Seminar Video.



Photos>Agronomy BrownDr. Sally Brown

Research Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science Division, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Roscoe Ellis Lecture, “New McDonald – The Role of Soil Science in Urban Sustainability”

Wed. March 16, 4pm.     

Watch Recorded Seminar Video.