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HFRR: The Scholarship of Extension

Dr. Ed Gilman ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Ed Gilman, University of Florida, was invited by Dr. Cheryl Boyer, Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources, to be an ADVANCE Distinguished Lecturer (http://advance.k-state.edu/). His seminar, “The Scholarship of Extension,” was presented in Leasure Hall room 013 on Thursday, June 16 at 2:30 pm. He discussed his career path and how he integrates research, extension and teaching into his professional programs.

Ed has a 50% research: 50% extension assignment and teaches an arboriculture class at the University of Florida. He works with arborists, consultants, landscape contractors, tree nursery operators, urban foresters, planners, landscape architects and others engaged in tree selection, growing, planting and management issues. His research includes irrigation, fertilization, roots, and other tree transplant and after-care techniques and a recent focus on tree response to pruning. http://hort.ufl.edu/people/gillman.shtml