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2015 College of Ag Address
Ag Diversity2015
2014 KSRE Annual Conf
Provost Presentation, Floros Presentation, Richardson Presentation, Stewart Presentation,
2014 KSU Pres, Provost
COA Update, KSRE Update,
Soil Symposium
Introduction, Warren Dick, Darrell Norton, Joe Nester, Leo Espinoza, Jackie McClaskey, Jared Morrison, DeAnn Pressley, Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Marvin Batte, Ron Chamberlain, Grower Panel,
PFT Nutrition
Agronomy - Events
2014 KSRE Agent Update,
Agronomy - Plant Breeding Symposium
Bill Schapaugh, Bettina Berger, Mark Sorrells, Seth Murray, Jesse Poland, Karl Broman, Randall Nelson, Bikram Gill,
2014 College of Ag Address
2014 MLK
Conn Seminar, Kremen Seminar, Park Seminar, Guedes Seminar,
2013 KSRE Annual Conf
Opening, Provost, Dean, Sherow, Peterson,
2013 KSU Pres,- Provost
2013 Ag Teaching
Advising Tips, McHaney Part 2, McHaney Part 1,
WGRC Alumni Symposium
Session 4, Welcome & Session 1, Session 2,
2013 FCS Update
Closing, Questions, Health Insurance Literacy, Gearing Up - Health Policy, Gearing Up - Extension's,
Ag Profitability Conference
Q&A, Bryan Schurle, Kevin Herbel, Troy Dumler, Glynn Tonsor,
MLK 2013
Dr. Eric C. Johnson,
2012 KSU Pres, Provost
2012 COA/KSRE Strategic Planning Cmt.
2012 K-State Beef Conf
Dept Comm 2012 Review
2012 KSRE Annual Conf
Prog Task Force, K-PICS, Ext. Orientation3, Ext. Orientation 2, Ext. Orientation 1, Keynote Video, Pres/Dean Video,
2012 Leadership Seminar
Ellis Session, Webb Session2, Webb Session1, Intro-Provost,
2012 Agron. Training
Jamie Meier, Keith Janssen, Eric Adee, Tom Evans, Lucas Haag, Phil Stahlman, Mithila Jugulam, Anita Dille, Thompson, Peterson, Fick,
MLK 2012
Franklin Speech, Johnson Speech, MLK Intro, MLK Award, Franklin Intro,
Women of K-State
2025 KSU Plan
MAPS Presentations
Ag Diversity2010
2011 KSRE Annual Conference
Dean Video, CommunityMattersPanel, CommunityMatters, OpeningSession,
2009 KSRE Annual Conf.
Schulz Wesch, Cholick, Wellness, Kennedy, Stack, Jaax,
Defense of Food
Food Production
Dirt The Movie Panel, Vandana Shiva, Climate Change,
Ag Advising
2010 KSRE Annual Conference
Lawrie Kirk,
2010 KSRE Dean Update
Ag Diversity2011
Assistance Dog
Ahlers Seminar, Ricketts Seminar, Douglas Seminar,
SIIL Director
Pede Seminar, Aw-Hassan Seminar, Affognon Seminar,
HFRR: Forestry / Park Mgt
4-H Professor
Krehbiel Seminar, Seay Seminar, Kock Seminar,
Pretty Seminar,
Plant Pathology
Toomajian Seminar, Todd Seminar, Quincke Seminar,
HFRR Seminars
Cover Crops, White-Tailed Deer,
HFRR: Behe Seminar
Seminar Video,
NIFA Seminar - Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy
Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy,
Grain Science: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Craig Morris,
Bryce H. Lane
Weaver1, Weaver2,
KSU Foundation
HFRR: The Scholarship of Extension
Engaging Learners
Washburn Part1, Washburn Part2,
Elder Law, Death,
Teaching Workshop
Long-Term Care
Living Well
COA: Hatfield
2015 Seminar Series, 2014 Seminar Series, Mr. Bill MacFarlane, 2013 Seminar Series, 2012 Seminar Series, NRCS Seminar, 2011 Seminar Series,
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