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K-State agricultural specialists and other experts examine agricultural issues facing Kansas and the nation. AGRICULTURE TODAY is a daily program hosted by Eric Atkinson and distributed to radio stations throughout the state. Below are the segments for shows over the last several weeks. See our Affiliates for airtimes. Send comments to ksrenews@ksu.edu.
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Agriculture Today
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K-State climatologist Mary Knapp reports on Kansas agricultural weather.

K-State canola breeder Mike Stamm comments on the weather stresses that the Kansas canola crop has endured since last fall, and how those are impacting the crop's condition right now...he points to the opportunity to screen canola varieties for winter hardiness, and talks about new canola lines soon to be available to growers.

Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien compares his latest price projections for wheat, corn, grain sorghum and soybeans to those of the USDA, based on last week's USDA grain supply-and-demand report, as the main theme of his grain market commentary this week.



From the Pesticide and Fertilizer Program at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Logan Brown outlines the DriftWatch program now available to growers of pesticide-sensitive crops in Kansas...he explains how a grower, as well as a commercial pesticide applicator, can make use of this free-of-charge service to prevent crop damage from pesticide drift.

- 4/16/2015
K-State horticulturist Ward Upham tells how to succeed with planting garden tomatoes this early in the growing season.

- 4/16/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.

K-State cropping systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti goes over recent K-State field trials which evaluated various soybean planting dates, matching them up with different variety maturity ratings, and at several test sites in the state...the aim being to identify those optimum planting dates for given locations in the state.

- 4/15/2015
K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.

K-State horticulturist Cheryl Boyer talks about a new social media marketing survey of nursery and garden centers in the state, as the initial project under the new Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement at K-State.

K-State swine nutritionist Mike Tokach offers another perspective on the issue of antibiotic use in livestock feeding, on the heels of efforts to limit that use because of human antibiotic resistance concerns...he talks about the stewardship the pork industry has already undertaken in view of the concerns, and why it remains imperative to preserve the availability of antibiotics for treatment of livestock illness.

The staff attorney with Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services at K-State, Forrest Buhler, reminds producers of the services that office makes available for those who are in financial difficulty with a lender, especially in light of the drought and the downturn in grain prices.

K-State crop entomologist Jeff Whitworth has the latest on alfalfa weevil pressure in Kansas stands, responding to some reports that earlier treatments didn't seem to be working...he also talks about the recent approval of a specific insecticide to contend with possible sugarcane aphid problems in this year's Kansas grain sorghum crop.

K-State cropping systems economist Terry Griffin discusses how precision farming data is becoming a more prominent factor in determining farmland values, saying that at some point either premiums will be paid for land with such data available, or there will be discounts for land that isn't accompanied by data.

- 4/14/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.

- 4/14/2015
K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee looks how providing supplemental feed to wildlife influences the potential of disease in those species.

K-State livestock specialist Sandy Johnson goes over several guidelines for maximizing success with a beef A-I breeding program, with the emphasis on synchronization planning and handling of the A-I products and supplies themselves.

K-State 4-H specialist Beth Hinshaw looks ahead to the 2015 Kansas 4-H Campference coming up in late May.

K-State meats specialist Travis O'Quinn has the details on a series of K-State Barbecue 101 workshops for meat consumers at four locations around Kansas in the coming weeks.

K-State livestock economist Glynn Tonsor covers the latest developments in the cattle markets, noting the bearish price trends of this past week...he comments as well on the impact of the avian influenza situation and other factors that are currently hurting U.S beef exports.

- 4/10/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien goes over the USDA's latest world grain supply and demand estimates, and how they will guide the grain price trends in the weeks ahead...he also talks about the likely weight the wheat market will give to current concerns about the condition of the Kansas winter wheat crop.

- 4/10/2015
K-State climatologist Mary Knapp reports on Kansas agricultural weather.

K-State crops and soils specialist Doug Shoup follows up with comments on the damage to winter wheat from last weekend's hard freeze in several parts of Kansas, and how growers can identify and evaluate the extent of that damage to their stands.

K-State cropping systems agronomist Kraig Roozeboom looks at three years of K-State field trials, comparing drought-tolerant corn hybrids to conventional corn hybrids, and under what situations do those D-T hybrids have a production advantage in high-potential or low-potential growing environments...he says that some trends have emerged, but that everything must be considered on a field-by-field basis.

K-State fire protection specialist Jason Hartman talks about the ongoing implementation of the prescribed burning smoke management plan in Kansas, and why it's been put together in the best interest of pasture managers, toward preserving burning as a critical part of grass management...he reminds all of the smoke management information tools available on line.

K-State nursery and garden center specialist Cheryl Boyer talks about several new on-line K-State publications for homeowners on selecting landscape ornamental flowering shrubs.

- 4/9/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.

K-State weed management specialist Curt Thompson encourages grain sorghum growers to start formulating their weed control plan for this year's crop now...beginning with a winter annual burndown treatment that can go on any time now.

K-State agriculture students Paige Druffel and Jordan Pieschl look ahead to the College of Agriculture activities planned for the 2015 All-University Open House this Saturday at K-State.

K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.

- 4/8/2015
Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen reviews a handful of new court rulings on agriculture-related cases, including a decision out of Texas on whether a senior water right trumps a specific state exemption from water use restrictions.

The assistant program manager for food safety with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Adam Inman, talks about this being World Health Day, which is centering this year on food safety.

The manager of the Masters in Agribusiness program out of K-State, Deborah Kohl, talks about the next opportunity for agricultural professionals to take part in that distance education opportunity, which will be built around animal health themes.

K-State veterinarian Mike Apley responds to a recently-released study of dust from west Texas feedlots, and whether that dust is carrying bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics...saying that there are scientific issues with that research...he also addresses where livestock production stands in the latest administration push to act on antibiotic resistance in human health.

K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee looks at a new study of skunks, raccoons and other wildlife feeding on spilled seed from bird feeders.

Livestock economist Derrell Peel of Oklahoma State University provides this week's cattle market analysis:  he comments on the escalating worries about drought, and the potential impact on the market trends...he also reports on the resiliency of domestic beef demand in the face of hefty competing meat supplies, and shares the USDA's latest beef export and import data.

K-State 4-H specialist Evelyn Neier looks ahead to three special events coming up for 4-Hers in the photography project.

K-State beef systems specialist Justin Waggoner looks ahead to a series of K-State Cattle Feeders College sessions, the first one coming up in May, which will focus on horsemanship in cattle feeding operations...it will also feature the "Top Hand" cattle feedlot employee awards, nominations for which are now being taken.

- 4/6/2015
Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news.