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K-State agricultural specialists and other experts examine agricultural issues facing Kansas and the nation. AGRICULTURE TODAY is a daily program hosted by Eric Atkinson and distributed to radio stations throughout the state. Below are the segments for shows over the last several weeks. See our Affiliates for airtimes. Send comments to ksrenews@ksu.edu.
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Agriculture Today
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K-State horticultural entomologist Raymond Cloyd returns with more in timely control of insect problems in the home landscape.

Ag news, plus wheat harvest reports from Ellsworth, Russell and Harvey counties.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien discusses the grain markets' reactions to the USDA's grain stocks and crop acreage reports issues on Tuesday, and how long the bullish influence from those reports may last.

K-State's Dave Rempe, an economist with the Kansas Farm Management Association, talks about a recent analysis he and colleagues conducted, evaluating the importance of livestock income in overall farm profitability over the past 25 years...which has come back into consideration as grain prices have fallen from their historically high levels.

- 7/1/2015
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University looks at two U.S. Supreme Court rulings last week with important agricultural overtones:  the upholding of the Affordable Care Act and what he calls unfortunate tax implications for those who don't enroll in a federally-mandated health exchange plan, and a ruling on a commodity marketing order program that makes a key statement about government "takings" provisions.

K-State agricultural economist Vincent Amanor-Boadu discusses what the recent approval of "fast-track" trade authority for the executive branch means for U.S. agricultural trade ahead, with particular respect to progress on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.

Kansas wheat harvest update features Extension agricultural agents Mark Ploger of Pratt County and Glenn Newdigger of Stafford County.

- 6/30/2015
A wheat harvest report from Rush, Ness and Lane Counties.

Commodity program specialist Terry Hawk of the Farm Service Agency goes over some frequently-asked questions concerning the contract requirements for participating in the Agriculture Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage safety net options under the new farm program....the period for signing those ARC and PLC contracts for 2014 and 2015 crop payments is now underway.

K-State weed management specialist Curt Thompson talks about new K-State research into Palmer amaranth control in corn and grain sorghum, and the effect of high temperatures on herbicide performance...what they found could well impact how a grower goes about their herbicide applications against this pigweed species.

K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee discusses a new study of bird reactions to oncoming vehicles on our roadways.

K-State 4-H specialist Beth Hinshaw announces that plans are underway for the 48 Hours of 4-H community service event taking place in October, and talks about how 4-H groups can become involved locally.

Agricultural economist Jessica Sampson of the Livestock Marketing Information Center provides this week's cattle market analysis:  she covers the falloff in fed cattle prices last week, looks at two new USDA reports that speak to competing meat supplies, and shares the LMIC's latest projections on hay prices for the remainder of 2015.

- 6/29/2015
K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek reports on a high occurrence of footrot disease in grazing cattle so far this grass season, and talks about the recommended protocols in responding to footrot-induced lameness in cattle.

A wheat harvest report from Gray County, plus Eric Atkinson reviews the latest agricultural news.

K-State climatologist Mary Knapp reports on Kansas agricultural weather.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien sizes up the rally seen this week in the grain markets, and looks ahead to the USDA's grain stocks and crop acreage reports coming out next week, during his weekly grain market segment.

K-State veterinarian David Renter talks about a new USDA-funded project he'll oversee, which will investigate the factors that lead to bovine respiratory disease in feeder cattle...this is expected to be the most comprehensive study of B-R-D undertaken to date, researching the causes of a disease complex which costs the beef cattle industry billions of dollars each year.

Today's Kansas wheat harvest report features Extension agricultural agents Darren Busick of Reno County and DeWayne Craghead of Hodgeman County.

K-State landscape horticulturist emeritus Gus van der Hoeven talks about the principles of container flower gardening in the summer.

From the Kansas Farm Management Association at K-State, Gregg Ibendahl reports on a recent analysis of debt management trends on Kansas farms and ranches, based on KFMA data over the last decade...specifically, this examined debt-to-asset ratios by producer age.

Eric Atkinson reviews the latest agricultural news.

K-State row crop disease specialist Doug Jardine talks about early diseases showing up now in Kansas corn stands, and stresses the need to distinguish disease from nutrient deficiency or carryover herbicide injury.

K-State's Gus van der Hoeven presents "Stop, Look and Listen," his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.

Two K-State researchers who presented reports on their respective water quality studies to Environmental Protection Agency officials at a recent meeting at K-State:  agronomist Nathan Nelson talks about what his research is saying about best management practices to reduce phosphorus runoff from crop fields; and water quality engineer Aleksey Sheshukov discusses his research into preventing ephemeral gully erosion in cropping areas.

K-State agricultural economist Chatura Ariyaratne talks about his current study, which is looking at the effects of changes in energy and commodity prices on cropping patterns in western Kansas, and how those impact water use from the Ogallala Aquifer.

Today's Kansas wheat harvest update features Extension agricultural agents Joe Leibbrandt of Grant County and Zach Simon of Sedgwick County.

The director of the Beef Cattle Institute at K-State, Dan Thomson, talks about a new partnership between the B-C-I and researchers at Texas Tech University, to mutually pursue research to benefit the beef cattle industry....also from the B-C-I, Tiffany Lee talks about a new survey she conducted, asking consulting veterinarians about the pressing issues currently in feedlot cattle health management.

K-State crop entomologist Jeff Whitworth urges alfalfa growers to take another look at their stands for signs of aggressive insect feeding right now, to determine if control action is needed...with the main offenders being potato leafhoppers, grasshoppers and aphids.

Eric Atkinson looks at ag news.

K-State wildlife specialist Charlie Lee reports on the continuing problem with zebra mussels in Kansas water impoundments.

K-State 4-H specialist Deryl Waldren looks ahead to the 2015 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo coming up in August, with entries being taken right away.

K-State livestock economist Glynn Tonsor is featured in this week's cattle market segment:  he digs into the Kansas and U.S. numbers from last Friday's USDA cattle-on-feed report, and talks about a K-State feeder cattle risk management tool for cow-calf producers to use in optimizing returns to calf production.

K-State feedlot nutritionist Chris Reinhardt talks about abating heat stress in confined cattle during hot and humid days, emphasizing the value of providing shade where feasible, as well as adequate water and lot space for cattle.

A look at the day's top stories from the world of agriculture.

- 6/19/2015
A look at ag news.

K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid reports on Kansas crop producer participation in the new farm program safety net options...ARC and PLC...and outlines the trends in participation that she and colleagues have just compiled in a new report from K-State.

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien compares Kansas crop acreage expectations for this year to those of past years, as he looks ahead to the USDA's crop acreage report coming out in a little over a week from now....he also talks about why wheat prices haven't rallied in the wake of harvest issues in Kansas...those among the talking points in his weekly grain market analysis.

- 6/19/2015
K-State climatologist Mary Knapp reports on Kansas agricultural weather.