Water Quality Resources        

Watershed Academy Webcast Seminars     (EPA-live training)

EPA's Watershed Academy is pleased to sponsor free webcast seminars. Local watershed organizations, municipal leaders, and others are invited to sign up for these free, on-line webcast training sessions. Webcasts are typically conducted on an approximately monthly basis, on Wednesdays at 1:00pm to 3:00pm EST. Attendees must register in advance to participate in webcasts. The Watershed Academy is also now offering a certificate to those that attend webcasts. For those that are not able to register for a webcast, a streaming audio version of the training will be made available after the live seminar.

Citizen Science (K-State Research and Extension water monitoring)
The goal is to combine education with volunteer soil and water testing for enhanced natural resource stewardship.
Surf Your Watershed (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Find a listing of organizations that working to protect water quality.  You may wish to contact one of these groups to find out about cleanups, monitoring activities, restoration projects and other activities.
EPA NonPoint Source Pollution Information (US Environmental Protection Agency).
Highlights main elements of NonPoint Source facts and provides additional resources for NonPoint education.
EPA Source Water Protection (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Provides resources and answers to questions one might have about drinking water. How to protect it, and what is and is not safe to dispose of within freshwater areas.
Kansas NonPoint Source Information (KDHE). This section develops and reviews strategies, management plans, local environmental protection plans, and county environmental codes intended to control nonpoint source pollution.
Kansas Condition Reports (KDHE State Watershed links) includes a table of contents of each watershed in Kansas. The links display the conditions reports from each watershed.
A 2002 KDHE Report of air and radiation information, water, solid and hazardous waste management, the future, and about the KDHE Division of the Environment.
These links include the pesticide and nutrient impacts on the water resources.
Several research projects of ecology, databases, and technical documents of state agencies’ research.
Many resources available for information about American Water Works, the membrane treatment arena, information about small systems, etc.
Quick Guide to learning water related terms and ideas.
Collection of digital flyers, publications, brochures, etc. that (with acknowledgment) may be modified for use in watershed protection activities.

Community celebration and watershed protection. 

Find information on Kansas's rivers and streams, groundwater, and water quality here.