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Climate Change and Water, EPA Natioanl Water Program Strategy
Climate change is changing our assumptions about water resources. As climate change warms the atmosphere and alters the hydrological cycle, we will continue to witness changes to the amount, timing, form, and intensity of precipitation and the flow of water in watersheds, as well as the quality of aquatic and marine environments. These changes are also likely to affect the programs designed to protect the quality of water resources and public health and safety.
EPA is working with state, tribal, and local governments and public and private stakeholders to understand the science, develop tools, and implement actions to respond to the impacts of climate change on water resources and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
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“Climate Change and Water.” EPA.  EPA, 11 December 2012. Web. 18 December 2012.

EPA Appoints 11 New Members to the National Environmental Education Advisory Council
Dale Kemery

WASHINGTON – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson has appointed 11 environmental education professionals to serve on the agency’s National Environmental Education Advisory Council (NEEAC). The National Environmental Education Advisory Council is comprised of representatives from organizations outside the federal government fwho provide EPA with advice and recommendations on environmental education. The council provides EPA with a better understanding of the needs of schools, universities, state departments of education and natural resources. The first meeting of the NEEAC is scheduled for December 13-14, 2012.

“The National Environmental Education Advisory Council provides EPA with insight from men and women with first-hand environmental education experience. This is essential to our work to support environmental education efforts across the country and help Americans understand how protecting the environment is really about protecting our health and the health of our communities,” said Administrator Jackson. “I congratulate our new NEEAC members on their appointments and look forward to continuing to work with the council.”

The NEEAC was established in 1990 under the National Environmental Education Act to provide input from stakeholders to EPA. Environmental education increases public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues or problems. In doing so, it provides the public with the necessary skills to make informed decisions and take responsible action.

The newly appointed members will represent a variety of stakeholders. Caroline Lewis and Dr. Kelly Keena will be representing primary and secondary education. Keena is a science teacher in Colorado and is a lauded environmental educator. Lewis has a wide breadth of experience in education both as a teacher and as the education strategist and director at the CLEO Institute.

Dr. Mark Kraus and Dr. Edna Negron-Martinez will represent colleges and universities. Kraus has served in leadership positions for 20 years and is currently chair of the Department of Natural Science Health and Wellness at Miami Dade Wolfson Campus. Negron-Martinez is a full professor at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and has also held positions in public and environmental health.

Kay Antunez de Mayolo and Vidette (Kiki) Corry will draw on their experience by representing state departments of education and natural resources. Antunez de Mayolo has retired from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention where she remains as a volunteer statewide environmental education coordinator. She has also taught at California Polytechnic State University. Corry has served the environmental education community in many ways and is currently the Project Wild coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, chair of the Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee, and a member of the board of directors of the Science Teachers Association of Texas. Continue reading here

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Kansas Environmental Leadership Program Announces New Graduates
By: Mary Lou Peter
Released: Nov. 29, 2012
MANHATTAN, Kan. – Water and its importance in the environment was the focus over the past year for Kansans who just completed the Kansas Environmental Leadership Program. The graduates were honored at the Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas Oct. 31 in Manhattan.
KELP is a 10-month program focused on educating citizens about water quality and quantity issues while strengthening their leadership skills. Participants attended five sessions held in various parts of the state. The program is administered through Kansas State University’s Department of Communications and K-State Research and Extension.
The 16 graduates, listed in alphabetical order by last name and including hometown, are: Angela Anderson, Allen, Kan.; Tej Attili, Horton, Kan.; Cody Barilla, Hutchinson, Kan.; Lauren Clary, McPherson, Kan.; Patricia Haines-Lieber, Topeka, Kan.; Cindy Higgins, Topeka, Kan.; Hoyt Hillman, Wichita, Kan.; Sara Jones, Augusta, Kan.; Nicholas Levendofsky, Republic, Kan.; Terry Lyons, Burlington, Kan.; Bob Muirhead, Hays, Kan.; Michelle Probasco, Topeka, Kan.; Mark Shriwise, Dodge City, Kan.; Peter Tomlinson, Manhattan, Kan.; Chloe Wilson, Hutchinson, Kan.; Devin Wilson, Kansas City, Mo.  
“KELP class members come from all walks of life and from all over the state,” said Brandi Nelson, KELP coordinator. “We’ve had private citizens who just want to learn more about water and the environment, as well as farmers, extension agents, university faculty members, representatives of government agencies and utility companies and other professions go through the training. They each bring a unique perspective to the class. Participants learn from each other as well as from the structured seminars.”  Finish reading here.
Peter, Mary Lou. “Kansas Environmental Leadership Program Announces New Graduates.” K-State Research and Extension News. Kanas State University, 28 November 2012. Web. 29 November 2012.



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