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An engaging article on Collaboration: Making Collaboration Work in environmental context.


This Blog site is a quality resource for current thought work on environmental mediation.


This Self Reflection Guide from TurningPoint is a helpful tool for reflection on Collaborative Leadership.


 Approaches to Resolving Environmental Conflict

Daniels, S.E., & Walker, G.B. 1996. Collaborative learning: Improving public deliberation in ecosystem-based management. Source: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Volume 16, Number 2, March 1996 , pp. 71-102(32)


Selin,S., & Chavez, D. Collaborative LearningResources>Black Footed Ferret


Case studies and Examples of Environmental Conflict Resolution

There are many published cases of resolving environmental issues through public process. A list of sample cases can be found through the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution.


K-State examples of work with public groups include work with the Missouri River Environmental Restoration project, and work with Riley County Land Use Planning.  Both of these examples were addressed through the KSU Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy.