The Muck Stops Here!
A campaign to empower people to embrace actions that positively affect water resources. Five posters were created and produced for use in environmental events and ongoing display in agency offices.


Water Protection from Here to Home
A project to design and install signage about stream connection to larger water resources. WRAPS groups throughout Kansas are installing signs at bridges and promoting good land management to protect the smaller tributaries.


Kansas Electronic Watershed Library
An online collection of information, brochures, powerpoints, and other documents related to WRAPS. Users can access and download existing materials, then modify as needed. Producers of materials can upload and share their work; such uploads are vetted.


Enjoy and Value the Arkansas River
A project to encourage people to become familiar with and recreate on the lower Arkansas River. In collaboration with the Arkansas River Coalition, Wichita State, and the City of Derby, a brochure was produced and distributed at local events. The public learned about the river and had opportunities to enjoy river-based activities.


NW Kansas Environmental Radio Trivia
An event coupled with Earth Day that educated citizens about environmental and water issues in the state. The team coordinated radio broadcasts about environmental information with call-in responses to questions asked by announcers. Successful responders were given prizes.