"You Can Do More Than You Think" - water quality awareness video


Team Members:

Sandy Koontz, Barbara Dallemand, John Gough, and Ron Graber. Ron Frank, KSU Extension, provided technology expertise and video production.



To provide water information to the general public about water quality issues in their watershed. The strategy is to create a short video/audio about everyone’s role in protecting water quality. The production should be no more than 30 seconds in length, memorable, and suitable for frequent airing on radio and TV.


The team chose to use a catchy limerick “Water is something to drink, Except when it raises a stink, So help keep it clean, Be part of the team. You can do more than you think.” They cooperated with K-State Research and Extension communications staff to film and tape audio, then produce the actual video. The video was made as a public service announcement and as a paid announcement. It was distributed for airing in South-Central Kansas, and continues to be used, primarily in the spring by various agencies.