Olathe Aquafest


ALP>OlatheAquafest_2Team Members:

Kevin Dobbs, Eileen Hack, Hershel George, Jaime Ziesenis


To facilitate an educational activity that will create awareness and appreciation for water resources, and increase public awareness of surface water pollution by Nonpoint Sources (NPS). The strategy is to plan and conduct a water festival at Lake Olathe for families. Planning was done as a cooperative effort with the City of Olathe, Kansas Biological Survey, KDHE, and Miami County Extension.


The Olathe Aqua Fest was held on Sept. 21, 2002. The event was a joint effort with the City of Olathe, and multiple agencies in the Kansas City area (EPA, KBC, USGS, StreamLink, SCS, Extension Service, MARC, Ft. Scott CC) and many high school student volunteers. Homeowners and residents of the community were the primary target. Attractions included: canoeing, stream trailer, fireworks, live music, crafts, public officials, etc. As a result of the successful outcome the City of Olathe plans to make this an annual event. Other cities in the Kansas City area have requested assistance from the team in planning additional water fests.