Great Grazing: Grazing Management for Water Quality Improvement


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Team Members:

Richard Basore, Linda Johnson-Buckner, Dale Kirkham,

Howard Miller, Monty Munyon



To promote producer-friendly best management practices that will reduce the amount of time livestock have access to streams and rivers and yet avoid a negative impact on the “bottom line.” The strategy was to deliver this information to as many producers as possible directly through their attendance at a field day and indirectly via media coverage of the event.

ALP>Great Grazing_02Cooperators were the Kansas Rural Center, Greenwood County Conservation District, Greenwood County Extension Service, Greenwood County Farm Bureau, Greenwood County Cattlemens’ Association, the State Conservation Commission, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

A field day was held on August 24, 2003, at sites in Greenwood County. Cooperating producers (the Wiggins and Seeley ranches) gave tours of their pond-fencing projects and alternative stock water developments. Discussions included stocking rates, rotation grazing, early intensive stocking, and riparian area improvements. A review of the impact that water quality has on performance of grazing cattle was accompanied by a brochure developed by the team and other material from K-State Research and Extension. A noon meal was served and approximately 80 people from 16 counties attended.