Class 12: Session 1-Hays        




Feb. 9, 2012

Dr. Bill Heimann, KDHE

Groundwater Contamination:  Hays

Feb. 9, 2012

Dr. Hendratta Ali, Geosciences, FHSU

Hydraulic Fracturing

Videos:  Fracking-More than 1 Perspective

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Articles for Fracking Discussion        
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KELP Readings>Class 12>BBC News: What is Fracking... BBC_News_-_What_is_fracking_and_why_is_it_controversial_.pdf (44 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>ConocoPhillips_Fracturing Fact Sheet conocophillips_factsheet_NatGas-Fracturing.pdf (289 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>EPA Shrinkin g "Haliburton Loop Hole" Threatens.... EPA_Shrinking_‘Halliburton_Loophole’_Threatens_Obama_Gas_Pledge_-_Bloomberg.pdf (71 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Fracking in KS Pushes Water Permits to New High Fracking_in_Kan_KCMO_Jan_23012.pdf (23 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Fracking: Article Discussion Questions Fracking_discussion_questions.docx (15 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Haliburton Executive Drinks Fracking Fluid Halliburton_Executive_Drinks_Fracking_Fluid_At_Conference.docx (34 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Heartlander: Cashing in on Fracking 010212-Heartlander-Kansas-Cashing-in-on-Fracking.pdf (149 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>KCC Says Recent Upsurge of Fracking in KS Will Require... KCC_says_recet_upsurge_of_fracking_in_Kansas_will_require_more_money,_staff___The_Republic.pdf (41 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Session 1- Fracking STEPS_IN_ISSUE_ANALYSIS.docx (22 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>US to Require Disclosure of Fracking Fluids on Public Land Business_&_Financial_News,_Breaking_US_&_International_News___Reuters.pdf (28 Kb)
KELP Readings>Class 12>Wichita Driller Hopes New Technique Opens Oil Fields Wichita_driller_hopes_new_technique_opens_oil_fields___Wichita_Eagle.pdf (41 Kb)
Fracking: Article Discussion Questions        


1.      What perspective was this article showing?  For, Against, Neutral?

2.      What is the central point of the article?

3.      Is your article a skewed, one-sided portrayal of fracking?  If you were to write a counter article what would it include?

4.      Why does it seem that fracking is so controversial?

5.      What seem to be some concerns about fracking?

6.      What/who are the different stakeholders discussed or represented in your article?

7.    Were there any scientific evidence presented in your article, either supporting or refuting the
        need for this method of natural gas extraction?  If so, what evidence?