Applied Leadership Project Schedule        

Applied Leadership Project (ALP)  

Webinar 2:       Introduce ALP. 

Assigned task - to identify an environmental issue in the local community and develop a persuasive presentation for group at Session 2.


Session 2:         Persuasive Speeches:  Water Issue Presentation and Selection

Class divided into groups of 4-5 people located fairly close to one another.  Each person gives persuasive presentation to the group.  The group then selects a project for their ALP, keeping in mind the need to complete projects by October 31.  Each ALP team presents their chosen project to the entire class, and members are given the opportunity to switch to another project. 

*Assigned task - Complete ALP worksheets. 


Webinar 3 OR Session 3:          Progress Reports

Each team presents progress reports.  An opportunity to consult with media on public relations plans is provided.  Class offers suggestions for improvement.  Assigned task – continue team work on ALP.


Session 4:         Process Reports

Each team presents an interim report to class to update the group on the progress and scope of each project.  Reasons for changes and experiences with struggles should be shared with the class. 

*Assigned task – continue team work on ALP with awareness of schedule.

Session 5:         Final Report

Each team presents a final report to the class and submits a written summary report, evaluation, and accounting sheets to KELP coordinator.  If the project is incomplete, a schedule for completion is included.