Grant Opportunities        

Solid Waste Management, Green Schools Grant Program
Who: Any public or private K-12 school in Kansas may apply.
Awards will be limited to projects that can reasonably be completed within one school year. Grant amounts cannot exceed $4,500 per school.
Application Guidelines
  1. Request the application forms and any related guidance documents from KDHE program staff. Please call (800) 282-9790 or (785) 296-1600 or visit our website at or
  2. Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. Pursuant to KSA 65-3415 (b), a current Solid Waste Management Plan for the county in which the school is located must be on file. KDHE staff can inform you if the county in which your school is located has a current Solid Waste Management Plan.
  3. Complete the application form and postmark it by February 15, 2013.
Eligible Projects Include:
The CPI Grants committee has reviewed and approved the following list of projects. Projects not represented on this list may also be eligible but would be subject to the CPI Committee review and approval process. The complete details of the approval process can be found on the Green Schools webpage at:
  1. Field trips to recycling centers/landfills/composting facilities. This category includes fees to pay for transportation, entrance fees, etc. Important: If your intended field trip does not include a waste reduction/recycling or solid waste management component, it is not eligible under solid waste grants. Please ask in advance if you have questions regarding the eligibility of your field trip. Field trips scheduled after April 23, 2014 will not be eligible.
  2. Waste Audits. This category could include the purchase of equipment to conduct waste audit such as a scales, gloves, safety glasses, etc.
  3. Recycling containers. This category includes the purchase of various recycling containers. Recycling containers could be purchased for use in special venues.
Deadline: February 15, 2013
Visit the KDHE website for complete details and how to apply.
Toyota USA Foundation
The Toyota U.S.A. Foundation is committed to improving the quality of K
-12 education, with a primary interest in mathematics and science. Organizations must be located within and serve the people of the United States.

In addition to the work of the Foundation, Toyota funds national programs in the environment, safety and education focus areas. Toyota also supports the social well
-being of local communities across the U.S.
The Toyota USA Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of K
-12 education by supporting innovative programs and building partnerships with organizations dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, science and environmental science.
A high priority is placed on the following:
  • Creative and innovative programs which develop the potential of students and/or teachers;
  • Programs which are broad in scope and incorporate systemic approach; and,
  • Cost-effective programs that possess a high potential for success with relatively low duplication of effort.
Grants are provided to support the development and implementation of programs that generally range from $50,000 - $500,000. The Foundation will only fund a program one time; however, a grant recipient may present a new program for consideration after three years.
The Toyota USA Foundation reviews applications continually and does not have deadlines. The review process can take up to six months.
Funds are not provided for:
  • Routine business expenses, operating costs, annual fund drives or deficit reductions
  • Conferences
  • Scholarships
  • Sports teams
  • Non U.S.-based charities

To apply click here and learn more about this opportunity

Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program
Provides modest financial assistance on a competitive basis to support community-based wetland, riparian, and coastal habitat restoration projects that build diverse partnerships and foster local natural resource stewardship through education, outreach and training activities.
Award: $20,000 - $50,000
  • Open to any public or private entity
  • Minimum 1:1 match of cash or in-kind goods and services is expected
  • No political advocacy, fundraising, lobbying or litigation
  • Not to implement legal requirements (mitigation, permit conditions, etc.)
  • May enhance or improve upon baseline compliance efforts
Deadline: February 2, 2013
Visit the NFWF website for more detailed information and how to apply


Household Hazardous Waste Grants
KDHE is now accepting household hazardous waste grant applications for state fiscal year 2013.
Grant funding is available for the following activities:
  1. Development and implementation of a new permanent HHW collection facility or program.
  2. Development or expansion of a regional or satellite HHW collection program.
  3. Development or expansion of the CESQG/KSQG program.
  4. Enhancements of an existing HHW permanent facility, satellite, or regional program.
Application Process:
  1. Request the application forms and any related guidance documents from KDHE program staff. Please call
  2. (800) 282-9790 or (785) 296-1600 or visit our website at
  3. Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.
  4. Complete the application form.
  5. Attach a written grant proposal and cover letter. (See the Grant Narrative Checklist)
  6. Postmark the application and proposal by application deadline date.
Deadline: May 15, 2013.
For details on funding, applying, and eligibility visit the KDHE requirements page or contact Jessica Willard at 785-296-1611.