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Fracking (Huffington Post)
A collection of resources, pictures, videos and current news about fracking.


Article from an engineer about the effects of horizontal drilling on roads
Found on the Kansas Association of Counties April 2012 Newsletter pgs. 6-8


EPA publications for a variety of uses are available for purchase here.
Land Use (NRCS figures on land development)
This site explains the concerns for farmers of cropland in the United States. The natural resource concerns such as erosion and water quality for irrigation are all discussed on through research and current events.
Population (US Census Bureau)
They work to try and make environmental issues tolerable and solve the biggest problems with natural resources that we depend on.
Global Warming (Climate Hot Map)
This includes a map of the climates around the world that are a result of global warming and what is affected.
Air quality articles, results of tests, and how the EPA keeps the air monitored and clean.
U.S.A. Wind Resource Map (U.S. Dept. of Energy)
A site with a map that is coordinated with wind energies. The different colors represent the level of wind energy available in that region.
This is a guide of how to involve stakeholders of your watershed in your program. It includes how to resolve conflicts, how to get them interested in what you are currently doing, and tips of how to keep it all going.
Clean Skies is a great resource to learn about the current event around the nation that involves all sources of energy. It is open to discussions about environmental issues and polies in the United States as well as simply being a source of information about the environmental and energy issues in our country.
Private well water testing information