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Cooking with Confidence: Everyday Cooking Skills

To teach adults how to cook, you could host a mixed-gender class, such as young adults just starting out in their own homes. Or, teach a group of newly-divorced men or widowers who want to improve their basic culinary skills.

Ideas for lesson plans include:

  1. Food Sense Cooking – Utah – 2012 – 6 categories, each with lesson plans and participant handouts;  PLUS 6 general topical videos here – Lessons and handouts include topics on:

    1. Cooking methods –  10 lessons and participant handouts

    2. Cooking grains – 11 lessons and participant handouts

    3. Cooking veggies – 24 lessons and participant handouts, some videos

    4. Cooking fruits – 23 lessons and participant handouts, some videos

    5. Menu planning -  Leaders Guide  Handout

    6. Food safety – 1 lesson and participant handout

  2. Eating Well Made Easy, A food preparation manual – Utah – written in 2000 – 16 topical chapters

  3. Healthy Cooking School – by Martha Yount, Univ. of Kentucky – 2013 – 6 very basic lessons that Martha graciously shared with us –

  4. Eating Healthy Foods Basic Skills Series – Canada – revised 2008 – 4 lessons

  5. A Man's Guide to Basic Culinary Art, a nutrition and food prep curriculum -- North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service - written in 1997 - an intro and 8 topical sessions

Journal Articles about benefits of teaching cooking skills

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Cooking with Confidence Additional Resources

Cooking on a Budget -- K-State booklet of tips, rev. 2011

Grocery Shopping on a Budget -- K-State booklet of tips, rev. 2011

Eating Well But Cooking Less -- K-State – revised 2012 – 12 lessons related to quick-scratch cooking – Lessons 2 and 3 describe giving a supermarket tour; Chapter  12 describes making creative casseroles

Month of Menus Recipes -- K-State – revised 2013 – the first 11-page section has basic cooking information

Healthy Cooking and Recipes -- Many healthful recipes and cooking-related links, including print and video, developed by or recommended by K-State Research and Extension Human Nutrition specialists

Dinner Tonight -- Texas A&M Extension – How to make quick and healthy dinners – videos and recipes

Cooking School  and Cook It Quick -- University of Nebraska – lists of resources