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Food Safety for Boomers and Beyond

Media Program>Picnic photoWelcome to Food Safety for Boomers and Beyond.

This multimedia program contains up-to-date important information to help limit your exposure to foodborne illnesses. Jump start your knowledge about food safety by using the videos, quizzes, and handouts. Don't miss printing out the final "certificate" for participating in this program.

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Useful Resources
Food Safety Tid Bits

Test Your Food Safety Knowledge


Temperature "DANGER ZONE" is:
A. Temperature where bacteria are killed
B. Temperature where bacteria grow
C. Temperature to which food should be cooked


Who are most susceptible groups to FBI?
A. older adults
B. infants
C. pregnant women
D. All of the above


Fight BAC is:
A. a way to guarantee cold food
B. an older education campaign for food safety
C. an industry based program for personal safety



Don't peek yet-
Correct answers:
1: B; 2: D; 3: B