Summertime Food Safety

HamburgersThe incidence of foodborne illness tends to increase during the summer months because of warm temperatures and more outdoor activities.  Picnics, camping, grilling and more are highlights during this active season.  Protect yourself from foodborne illness with these tips.

Camping Food Safety

While food safety is important when cooking at home, it is equally as important when away from home.  Vacations, camping, tailgating, day trips and other outdoor events require special attention to food safety to keep friends and family safe.  Here are some tips to help prevent foodborne illness when away from home.


Grilling Food Safely

Summertime and grilling food for family and friends go hand-in-hand.  It is just as important to follow good food safety practices outside of the kitchen as well as inside the kitchen.  Use the information below to provide a safe meal for your guests.