K-State Extension Food Safety
Food Safety of Wild Game and Birds


One of our most enduring American images is that of the great American buffalo. These huge, shaggy animals once roamed the Great Plains and mountain areas of our country. Bison were the center of life for the Plains tribes of Native Americans who found in them nearly all the food, clothing, and shelter they needed. The following information is about this species which is making a comeback and growing rapidly in numbers.

Duck and Goose

For a special meal, duck and goose may grace your table.  While not as popular as chicken or turkey, they provide a special touch on festive occasions.  Learn about these birds and how to prepare them safely.

Game Birds and Animals

Hunting is a popular event in Kansas.  Food safety is important after the animal or bird is harvested.  Here are some tips to keep these animals safe to eat.

Ratities (Emu, Ostrich, and Rhea)

One of the newest meat sources comes from the ratite family of flightless birds.  These meats taste somewhat like beef and are very lean.  Learn more about these meat alternatives below.