K-State Extension Food Safety

Appliances and Food Safety

Many kitchen appliances are available to make food preparation easier, faster and more convenient.  Knowing how to use these appliances properly and safely can help you prepare safe meals for you and your family.  Learn about some of these appliances in the information below

How clean are your kitchen appliances and utensils?  Here are results from NSF International 2013 Household Germ Study

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging can be a convenient method to store foods.  While it can help extend the shelf life of some foods, there are food safety issues that can arise with vacuum packaging.  See below to learn more.

Kitchen Surfaces

Some questions have been asked regarding the safety of granite countertops and radon.  Here are some answers to those questions.


Food thermometers are an essential tool in cooking.  As a measure of food safety, thermometers are used to determine the temperature of various meats and other foods to insure their safety.  Below are some references to select and use food thermometers.