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Kansas Saves

Kansas Saves

Kansas Saves — A national social marketing Campaign to 'Save and Reduce Debt' ; and encourage the average person that ' You Can Build Wealth if you Start Small and Think Big'.


Too many individuals and families are experiencing financial crisis of inadequate savings, too much debt, and poor planning for potential major life events. On average, U.S. households carry about $8,000 in credit card debt, up two-thirds compared to a decade ago. More than half of American report living paycheck to paycheck. During the past decade, the rate of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. rose by 69%.
- J. Schuchardt   (For a full report click here.)


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America Saves

America Saves Week (ASW),, is a national effort aimed at reaching more institutions and individuals with the Campaign theme. The primary focus of ASW is to encourage Financial Action—commitments to save, reduce debt, invest and build wealth. 

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Lead Story:  Making it Work

Aimee Shaffer worked as a Public Service News Director for radio for years until one day her employer downsized, resulting in hundreds of lost jobs, including Aimee's. "I was without a steady income for the first time," said Aimee. With the little unemployment she received, she made sure to pay her bills. She also looked around for other work. While looking for work, she took the time to reflect on her work life. “I didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore.” She decided to open her own business doing what she loved to do—working with animals.
Shortly after starting her own business, Aimee’s Ford Aspire “expired.” She didn’t have any credit in her own name in order to buy a new car. She worked with the dealership. The dealership allowed her to build credit by leasing a car. After two years of payments, she was able to qualify for a car loan.
Before losing her job at the radio, she had interviewed Elaine Courtney with Okaloosa Saves and was inspired to save for retirement. Aimee now has a nice little retirement fund. Because Aimee wants to learn about her finances, she has taken a money course. She discovered that she was on the right track with her finances. “I was so happy to see that all my hard work to earn credit actually paid off.”





America Saves Week

 America Saves Week

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America Saves Week - 2013
(February 25 - March 2, 2013)