Families!>Programs>Divorce>DivorceWhen parents decide to divorce, they create a new and different world for their children, themselves, and others close to the family.  Divorce is one of the most stressful life events a person can experience and each person in the family will be affected in some way.  A leader's manual has been created for a family life educator to conduct a two-hour session to assist separating or divorcing parents in learning effective co-parenting skills.   A parent's manual offers information for understanding personal and family adjustments, legal issues (based on Kansas law at the time of publication), and financial matters. 

Grandparents may often be affected by the separation or divorce of their adult children.  The following resources have been developed specifically for grandparents who are facing this situation: Teaching Guide for one-hour grandparent workshop  and Fact Sheet for Grandparents


Other available resources:

Tips for surviving the holidays after a divorce