Connections #1 Contents: Top 10 Behaviors of a Successful Marriage; Building Trust with Others; Marital Satisfaction and Attachment Patterns; Resources for Couples
Connections #2 Contents: Top 10 Positive Behaviors of Parents Going Through Divorce; Helping Parents Help Their Kids During Divorce; Does Divorce Always Cause Problems in Children When They Get Older?; Resources for Working with Families Going Through Divorce
Connections #3 Contents: Top 10 Behaviors of "Deployment" Families; Operation Military Kids—Providing Support to Families; The Stages of Military Families Coping with Deployment; Typical Children Reactions to Deployment; Resources for Military Families
Connections #4 Contents: 10 Tradition/Ritual Idea Starters for Families; Family Legacies; Ten Advantages of Family Traditions
Connections #5  Contents: 10 Goals for Improving Family & Couple Relationships for 2005; The Goal Setting Blueprint; Qualities of Effective Goal Setting; Resources for Goal Setting
Connections #6 Contents: 10 Important Principles of Emotional Intimacy; The Role of a Helping Professional; Principals of Emotionally Focused Therapy; Resources on Building Relationships
Connections #7 Contents: 10 Ways to be Culturally Sensitive; Personal Development; The Culture of Farming; Resources for Strengthening Intercultural Engagement
Connections #8 Contents: 10 Signs of a "Power and Control" Abusive Marriage; Examining Our Thoughts Regarding Equality in Self and Others; Psychological and Environmental Factors Associated with Partner Violence; Resources for Working with Relationships
Connections #9 Contents: 10 Signs of Alcohol Addiction; Co-Dependency; Alcohol and Marital Violence; Substance Abuse in Communities & Families
Connections #10 Contents: 10 Tips for Single Parents; Successful Single Parent Families; Single Parent Resources
Connections #11 Contents: 10 Tips for Finding & Presenting Good Information; The Two Gurus of Relationships: John Gottman and John Gray; Ideas When Reading a Research Article
Connections #12 Contents: 10 Ways to Avoid Emotional Eating; Are You and Emotional Eater?; Emotional Eating: Feeding Your Feelings
Connections #13 Contents: 10 Ways to Help a Child Cope With Disaster Trauma; Helping Young Children Cope with Trauma; Secondary Stress and the Professional Helper; Disaster Relief Resources
Connections #14 Contents: When Your Husband Has Children Close to Your Age; 10 Steps for Grandparents in Stepfamilies; Building Rapport with New Teenage Stepchildren; Stepfamilies in Middle/Late Adulthood; Stepfamily Resources 
Connections #15 Contents: 21 "Giving Ideas; Helping the Neighbors; Volunteering; Resources for the Holidays
Connections #16 Contents: 10 Tips on Forgiving; Learning to Forgive Yourself; Forgiveness: Spiritual & Medical Implications
Connections #17 Contents: Communication Tips for "Dating" Couples; Dating Issues When You Have Children; Dating Violence Common Among Teens; Dating Relationships and the Demand/Withdraw Pattern of Communication; Dating Resources
Connections #18 Contents: 10 Ways to Use Technology Without Hurting Your Family; Couples & Technology; Internet Relationships; References
Connections #19 Contents: 10 Skills That Can Increase Your Happiness; The Origin of Sincerity; Research on Happiness; References
Connections #20 Contents: 10 Ways to Enjoy Life More; Understanding the Concepts of Enjoyment; References
Connections #21 Contents: 10 Global Trends Impacting Families; Some possible Global Future Scenarios, How to Prepare for the Future in a 'Global' World; References