The military families in our communities have faced multiple and prolonged deployments. Many of these families, though thankful that their loved one is no longer deployed, must cope with the strain and negotiation of new roles that are part of reintegration.
Reintegrating the formerly deployed family member back into a family is not always easy. Reintegration is a process that requires time, understanding, and intentional efforts by each family member.  This is where individuals, neighborhoods, and whole communities can help. By providing military families with timely opportunities to acclimate, adjust, and discover a “new normal,” community members can help strengthen the health and well-being of families.
Support can be as simple as offering to provide a meal, mow the lawn, or baby sit. These simple acts can give parents time for themselves and let children know that other adults care. More broadly, support can also include neighborhood cookouts and community programs organized specifically for military families.
The Awareness to Action: The Military Family in Our Communities program helps civilian audiences understand and then appropriately act to support military family members and help them cope and thrive after deployment.