Annual Conference Challenge

We've Accepted the Challenge....Have You?

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Contact a Catalyst Team Member Today to Accept the Challenge.

 Ideas for becoming involved: 

  • Read and reflect on the book "Privilege, Power and Difference" by Alan Johnson
  • Review and examine the broad definitions of diversity.
  • Learn about your own culture and how it influences your perspective.
  • Learn about a culture other than your own by:
    • Reading
    • Watching a film
    • Attending another culture's event
    • Participating in an online conference or workshop
    • Personal interaction with someone of another culture, etc.
  • Examine the cultural diversity within your community.
  • Target a new audience with an Extension educational program or event.
  • Attend a workshop to learn new skills in communicating with an audience of a culture different from you own.
  • Attend a local, state, national, or international diversity conference.
  • Provide an internship or work experience for student from a different culture.
  • Engage in a conversation with someone on the Kansas Change Agent Catalyst team to learn of their work and potential of involvement.
  • Recruit an assistant, office professional, educator, etc that is from a culture different than your own.
  • Be an ally to someone with less privilege than you.
  • Expand your PDC with someone from an underrepresented group.
  • Other experience of your choosing.