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County / District Financial Resources

For questions concerning County / District Financial Issues contact your area director.

Administrative Update -- Spring 2015
       Revenue Generation Strategies


Local Unit Direct Workshops -- Spring 2013
       Cost Saving Ideas
       Revenue Generating Ideas

Use of Cooperative Extension Funds

Audit Requirements for Extension Councils/Districts (01-07)
Budget Development and Management Worksheets  Instructions (n.d.)
Budget Development for Local Extension Units (12-11)
(E17) Local Extension Unit Credit (Procurement) Card Policy.pdf (8-12)
Employer-Provided Vehicles (04-08)
Grant Document Policy
Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration
       of Extramural Funds Form (11/2014)
Financial Review Committee Responsibilities for 4-H Club/Group and Other Extension Affiliated Accounts (KSU 4-1 through KSU 4-4) (03-12)
          4-H Club/Extension Group Financial Review Checklist (KSU 4-2)
          4-H Club/Extension Affiliated Group Annual Financial Report (KSU 4-3)
          4-H Club Treasurer Job Description (KSU 4-4)
Principles of Managing Non-Appropriated Funds  (03-14) Updated 
Insurance Checklist  (06-07)
Approval of Extension Council and Extension District Expenses.pdf (12-11)
Tax Issues for Local Extension Offices  (07-12)
Cell Phone/Data Enabled Portable Communication Device Options  (03-12)

Uniform Facsimile Signature of Public Officials Act      Form