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Instructions for Making a Difference Template

Making a Difference Template - Local Units

This template is designed for local units to use in reporting program impact on a monthly basis to local key leaders (county commissioners, legislators, extension board members, media, etc). The intent is to highlight a different program each month.  However, the template provides local units with flexibility to adapt this to better fit your needs.  This template is a Publisher file. 
Please note:
  • The information you provide to the three questions are key.
    • "Why is this issue important?" answers the question of "why"this program is important to our community.
    • "How did Extension address this issue?" tells what Extension did to address this program through programs, workshops, media, etc.
    • "What was the impact?" reports the knowledge gained and/or changes that participants made as a result of participating in our programs.
  • The report is designed to be a one-page (one-sided) report for local decision makers. It is possible to add additional pages but local units will need to determine the formatting for additional pages.
  • The template incorporates the use of the Grand Challenges.
  • This template was modeled after the PFT Making a Difference Report in order to standardize the language used in impact reports.
  • The data used in the sample report was taken from a statewide PFT report. We strongly encourage you to use local data whenever possible. Statewide data can be used as a comparison to the local situation.

For questions or additional information, contact Laurie Chandler, lchandle@ksu.edu. Thank you.