Employee Resources
County / District Office Employee Benefits

Benefits for office professionals and program assistants are determined by the local Extension Board. Those benefits may include the following:

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) NEW
State of Kansas Health Plan for Non-State Groups
Health Insurance for Local Unit Employees.pdf  (07-14)
Cafeteria Benefits Plan for Extension Council Employees
.pdf  (11-14)
Keating and Associates.pdf  

K-State Classified / Unclassified With State Benefits

For questions contact the K-State Division of Human Capital Services at 785/532-6277.

K-State Division of Human Capital Services

K-State Unclassified Employees with Federal Benefits

Extension faculty hired prior to July 1, 1986 have a combination of federal and State of Kansas benefits. For questions contact the Extension Operations Office at 785/532-5790. Click here for more information on Federal Benefits.