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Instructions for KSU9-10.wb3

KSU 9-10 - Quattro Pro Version
District Equipment Inventory Form

If you've never used the web version of Administrative Forms before, please start by reading the general instructions before proceeding.

To use this form, use the mouse or keyboard arrows to move the cell pointer (cursor) to desired location. The first cell location to fill in is the year of the Equipment Inventory. Click on the space for the date. Do not type in this cell or it will delete the information already in the cell. Click on the date in the "Contents Box". Type the year on the date. The characters appear within the cell and in the Contents Box. For the information to be stored in the cell, click on the checkmark to the left of the Contents Box.

To enter inventory information on this form click on the row below the "Description of Item" line. Information may be added in each cell. Use mouse, arrows keys or tab to continue to next cell. When more rows are needed, click "Insert" on the menu bar and click "Row". Please note the row will be added above current row location.

The "Purchase Date" in the inventory information must have month, day and year. If no day is included it may cause the Quattro Pro Program to acknowledge a foreign date.

This form has been set up with the basic equipment inventory format with calculations. "Number of Items" and "Total Inventory Value" will be totaled.

More rows may be inserted under "Give location of equipment..." if needed.

When all the information is entered this form may be saved and printed.

NOTE: See the "Instructions" at the bottom of KSU 9-10 for the proper method of entering information and distribution of this form.

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Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions about this form to Cheryl Christian, cchristi@ksu.edu. Thank you.