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Students and Faculty Experience International Agriculture
Common goals and expertise create good partnerships.This issue has an international theme with features on training agribusiness development teams, international activities in Africa, and how students benefitted from study-abroad opportunities .

Fall 2011 Issue:

K-Staters Conduct Projects throughtout Africa
Faculty share with and learn from their couterparts around the globe, including those in African coutries.

Peaceful Partnerships
Members of the Kansas National Guard receive training and ongoing support from K-State specialists before deploying to Afghanistan.

We’re No. 1: Student Scholars from the College
Eight national scholarship winners share how international study affected their attitudes and futures.

Two Faculty Receive Highest Honor from K-State
John Leslie and Susan Sun are named university distinguished professors.

Research Teams Granted Patents
K-State researchers issued patents.

Alumni Recognized for Lifelong Service
Three outstanding alumni honored during Wild4Ag activities.

Plus Updates on Students, Faculty, Alumni, and from the KSU Foundation

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